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Certified by the Pennsylvania
Department of Education
Serving the
Following Counties:
Centre, Huntingdon, Juniata, Mifflin,
Perry, and Snyder
Members of the Board of Directors
for the American Automobile
Association (AAA), Central
Pennsylvania Chapter
Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–9 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday
by Appointment
Classroom Sessions Held Four
Times per Year in January,
June, July, and October
D & D Driving School is a state-certified instructional center that helps students acquire a
Pennsylvania driver's license. Our school serves all drivers seeking instruction for a Class C
driver's license and drivers seeking recertification after medical complications. D & D Driving
School may perform instructor testing to students from the following schools who are under 18
years of age and have taken both the theory and BTW training.

 Schools in which we may perform instructor testing:
  •        Belleville Mennonite H.S.
  •        Huntingdon Area H.S.
  •        Juniata H.S.
  •        East Juniata H.S.
  •        Juniata Mennonite H.S.
  •        Mifflin County H.S.
  •        Penns Valley H.S.

Contact our driving school in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, call Don (717) 543-6148 to sign up for
our drivers education or driver improvement courses.
Classroom Instruction
Laws & Enforcement—We summarize the Pennsylvania
vehicle code as it pertains to automobiles.
Inclement Driving—We cover all four seasons of travel.
Vehicle Maintenance and Performance—We discuss how a
car works and how to get the best economy from your vehicle.
Tires and Suspension—We discuss important signs to look for
to ensure the tires and suspension are working properly.
Legal Vehicle Options—We cover window tinting and various
other topics.
In-Car Training
At least six hours of driving experience is required to get
your license. Our in-car training includes:
Vehicle Controls—We cover left and right turns.
Parallel Parking—We teach students how to park between
two vehicles. This is a required skill to pass the state
Mountain Driving—We drive through a series of mountains
to teach students how to perfect the skills of passing while
driving up hill and downhill and becoming comfortable driving
on the road with semitrucks.
Expressway Driving—We practice entrances and exits for
expressway driving and the use of cruise control.
Call Don (717) 543-6148 for driver improvement and instructor testing information.
D & D Driving School
85 Noerr Lane
Lewistown, PA 17044-7037
Don (717) 543-6148